Ziplining with Antigua Rainforest

Two years ago, when we first went to Antigua, we didn’t get a chance to go ziplining. At the end of the trip, my parents told us that if we ever came back, they’d take us on that trip. I don’t think they thought we’d be returning so soon, but 2 years later and we reminded them of their promise!

Antigua Rainforest┬áis located, naturally, in the gorgeous rainforest on the southwest coast of the island. They have 13 ziplines as well as a ropes challenge course, and we opted to take both! For $89 a person the experience is a bit pricey, but we definitely thought the thrill was worth it. We arrived fairly early and were ecstatic to see that there were three beautiful dogs roaming around: nobody loves dogs more than our family, so we embarrassed ourselves by gushing over them. My dad also rescued a kitten from the other side of the road, which is the third time he’s been involved in a cat rescue.



They take people through the zipline course in large groups, which isn’t generally our cup of tea. There were a ton of obnoxious little kids (trust me, they were bad) in our group but luckily we were beckoned to the front and they were pretty far behind us. While you sometimes had to wait a little while to take the next zipline, it never felt overly long and you had these incredible views to amuse you!

One of the best parts of our time at Antigua Rainforest was the staff. They were all extremely helpful and seemed very knowledgeable, which is a plus when they’re the ones securing you before you leap off a platform. During the training session at the beginning, they explained everything very clearly and made sure we all knew what not to do. They were also very friendly, asking us if we were sisters (yes) or twins (NO) and who was older.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of soaring over the rainforest; total freedom as you hang from just a thin cable. I’ve loved ziplining when I’ve done it before, and Antigua was the coolest place I’ve done it so far: do yourself a favour and book ziplining with Antigua Rainforest to experience more than just the beaches! Check out this video I filmed on my GoPro for insight into the experience:


Practical Info

We booked our ticket through a guy wandering down the beach, which sounds totally sketchy but is really just how business is done here. We paid the same price but Tristan got some of it, which was a nice way to support locals. To get here, there are directions on the website, and lots of signs once you get close. We had a rental car for the day, but you could get a taxi very easily.

We paid full price for our tour and Antigua Rainforest is not aware of this review – just sharing my thoughts on a great company!

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