Yonderbound: My New Favourite Way to Book Accommodation

There is nothing I love more than planning a trip. From hunting down the best flight deals to making a list of all the restaurants I want to try, sometimes I think I should be a travel agent! However, there is one key part of the puzzle that still frustrates me to no end: booking accommodation.

I tend to start my accommodation research with great intentions: I’ll make a detailed list of all of my options and figure out the pros and cons before deciding on the best option. In reality, I look at about 10,000 hostels and hotels before throwing my hands up in the air and picking one that seems good enough. I’m very obsessive about trip planning, so this system really just doesn’t work for me – and I hadn’t found a solution until I met Yonderbound.



Yonderbound is a new hotel booking website with a ton of cool features. Here’s what I like about it:

Saving Your Favourites

The most common positive feedback I’ve heard about Yonderbound is about its similarity to Pinterest. When you search for hotels in a certain location, you then save them to a Yonderbox, which you can come back to later. It’s just like pinning to a board! One of my biggest problems with selecting accommodation is keeping track of all my favourite options, so this is a huge help. Here’s an example of part of one of my Yonderboxes:

CaptureCapture 2

You can add comments to remember what you liked/disliked about each place, and the layout makes it SO easy to look back at which accommodations you’re interested in.

Linked to TripAdvisor

When you look at a hotel’s profile on Yonderbound, it automatically shows you the hotel’s ratings and reviews from TripAdvisor, which is a huge help. I rely heavily on TripAdvisor for everything, and not having to open up a separate tab is so helpful.

Taxes and Fees

Yonderbound shows you prices for the hotel with all taxes and fees included, so it’s much easier to compare different places. This can be an issue if you’re trying to compare with other sites, but when you’re just using Yonderbound it’s very helpful to know that the price you’re seeing is all-in.

Special Deals

Right now, Yonderbound is offering a $10 credit to new users! If you click on that link, you’ll be given a promo code that you can use to save $10 on any hotel booking you make through the site. That’s pretty cool, since you can book basically any hotel in the world!

Customer Service

My family tried to book a Newark airport hotel through Yonderbound, but had an issue with the currency being displayed (more on that later), so cancelled it about 10 minutes after making the booking. Within an hour of the cancellation, a representative from the company had emailed me just making sure everything was fine and asking why I had cancelled! I was very impressed with the service – and it turned into a partnership with the company, which is allowing me to give you that discount code I mentioned earlier.

I can’t wait to use Yonderbound in the future. I’m hoping they work on integrating more hostels into the website, since that’s usually the type of place I stay! If you’re on a bigger budget or going somewhere with family, it’ll work perfectly for you. As well, make sure you know that they show prices in USD – that’s what tripped us up when making the Newark booking.

Have you ever heard of Yonderbound? Make sure to sign up and claim your $10 credit!

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