What’s Next: Three Continents and an Actual Career

On Christmas Day, I signed a contract for a full time job starting in July 2016. I may have backpacked places like China and Morocco alone and with no experience, but for me signing on the dotted line was way scarier than any of my travel experiences. I thought after graduation I’d get a job teaching English, or try to make money off my blog, orΒ something, but I definitely thought I’d be wandering the globe and checking off all the places I have yet to see. I went into the interview process for this job so I could see where it took me – it was an opportunity that interested me, and I was really honest the whole time that I wasn’t sure I even wanted a corporate job – but I came out of it excited about the job. I was home in Halifax while trying to decide if I should take the job, and my parents kept catching me staring into space as I contemplated my early onset quarter life crisis.

However, by being my bratty and picky self (or perhaps assertive is the word I’m looking for), I managed to get the two things I wanted out of a job: a start date that would allow me to travel, and a good location. I snagged a position in Toronto, one of my favourite cities in Canada and somewhere I’ve always wanted to live. It has cheaper flights than my smaller local airport, tons of ethnic neighborhoods and diversity (I can practice languages and try new foods!) and in general, so much more opportunity and freedom. I’ll make enough money so that when I get to travel, I can splurge on actual good food and maybe even avoid sleeping in airports! Revolutionary. I’m interested to see how I’ll manage to see the world on three weeks of vacation a year, but I know I’ll be able to manage. With weekend breaks to places like New York and Boston easily accessible and the chance to explore all the gorgeous national parks in Ontario, I can take a trip abroad yearly and save long weekends and holidays for local adventures.

I’m nervous. Moving to Toronto alone is big; I love change and I love throwing myself into new situations but this is a whole new kind of new. But I’m also excited to have the chance to do things like take language classes, try new ethnic foods, explore new neighborhoods, everything.


Before I embark on THIS adventure, I also want to talk about the OTHER adventure I just planned!! I negotiated a later start date as I mentioned before, and I’ve managed to cram in time for a two month trip between exams and the time I need for apartment hunting. This might be my most exciting trip yet (do I say that every time? Yes I do) and I can’t wait!!! Here’s a quick rundown – look out for a more detailed post on my plans coming up soon.

SCOTLAND (4 nights)
ENGLAND (4 nights)
NORWAY (5 nights)
FRANCE (6 nights)
AUSTRIA (6 nights)
TURKEY (10 nights)
QATAR (1 night)
TANZANIA (13 nights)
QATAR (1 night)
GERMANY (1 night)
ICELAND (3 nights)

Three continents, nine countries (five new to me), two months of adventures.



  1. Camila @ AdventitiousViolet says

    Some big news wow! Congrats on the job! It’s definitely very good that you lined that up so far in advance. Having a full time job does slow down the travel, but not if that’s one of your big priorities πŸ™‚ It’ll be an exciting new chapter!
    And that sounds like an amazing trip! I do look forward to meeting you in Scotland πŸ™‚


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