What I Spent in Belgium

I love when travel bloggers share details on their expenses and budgets abroad. I’m definitely a budget traveler, so if you’re looking to find out whether you can do certain destinations on the cheap, I hope I can help! Here’s the very first “What I Spent” post from my 4 nights in Belgium.



Antwerp (Antwerp Central Hostel) – 22 Euros

Bruges (Europa Hostel) – 15 Euros

Ghent (Ecohostel Andromeda) – 23 Euros

Brussels (Grand Place Hostel) – 25 Euros

TOTAL: 85 Euros
AVERAGE: 21.25 Euros

I was pretty happy with all of the accommodation I booked for this trip! I stayed in the cheapest dorm available at each hostel, although if female dorms are the same price I always pick them. Look out for details coming on each of these places, but I would likely recommend them all!


TOTAL: 53.89 Euros

This amount was thrown off by one majorly overpriced meal in Ghent. Without that I would have spent 8 Euros daily, and I would be ashamed to tell you how much of this was spent on waffles. Because I was sick in Belgium, I spent more on food than I normally would as I’d just pick the first place I saw so that I could sit down. Usually I spend less, and you definitely could!


Trams/Buses: 3.40 Euros

Taxis: 11.80 Euros

Train: 24 Euros

TOTAL: 39.2 Euros

One of my favourite things about Belgium was how easy it was to get around! As you can see I hardly had to pay for public transit. Taxis are generally the bane of my existence, but on the last night of my trip I was so sick and so worn down that I couldn’t bear the thought of learning how to use Brussels’ buses. The whole time I was watching the meter go up and cringing. Rest assured, unless you’re sick you’ll spend very little on getting around in Belgian cities!

The trains were also quite cheap and convenient: I bought 4 train tickets for 6 Euros each, which got me between each city and to the airport on the last night of my trip. If you’re under 26 or a student, make sure to select the ‘Go Pass’ ticket – that’s what gets you the flat rate of 6 Euros.


TOTAL: 19 Euros

This amount is comprised of climbing the Belfry in Bruges (6 Euros and worth every penny), a boat tour in Ghent (7 Euros and not worth every penny), and a few other random little things. This category would certainly be a lot higher if you go out drinking when you travel, which I don’t tend to do when I’m both solo and sick. A lot of the attractions in Belgium are free, especially if you lie at every historical site in Ghent and say you’re 18. Perks of looking perpetually 12! This probably isn’t a place where you’ll bust your budget in the entertainment sector!

OVERALL TOTAL: 197.09 Euros

I obviously didn’t include my flights in this budget! I don’t think that travel costs would have any relevance here, since your flight/train to Belgium will be completely different. I hope this gave you a good idea of what you might spend in Belgium! 



  1. Sofie says

    Being from Belgium, I’d love to know how exactly you spent the money. €13day for food is great, but if you ate out for every meal, I’m really wondering what you had. This isn’t criticism, I’m just really wondering as you didn’t really go into that.
    I also think your post gives a good idea of how you can do Belgium on the cheap (I usually explore my country on the cheap as well), but I do think most people who come here would spend more. Especially if you visit some museums (and can’t pretend you’re not 18 :)) and like to properly dine out.

    • bethanydickey says

      Good to know – I will definitely try to include that kind of information in future posts! I don’t have a big appetite (except for waffles haha) so the average person would spend more. I only ate at actual restaurants a few times – a highlight was Avalon in Ghent – and you’re right that I didn’t see museums! It’d be interesting to read a similar post from someone with a bigger budget.

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