Three Days in London

This is the last in a series of posts about my family’s England trip.

Ever since my family left London, we have wanted to go back. This city seems to draw everyone in; it really has everything you could want, with the old-world charm that my love New York City is missing. We only had three days in London, which is in no way enough. We don’t regret planning most of our time in the countryside, but we certainly missed lots of amazing places and sights in the capital of the UK!


I didn’t keep a travel journal for this part of the trip, which I am still kicking myself for! This post will be more like a photo essay – lots of gorgeous photos courtesy of my dad, and not much practical advice given that I remember quite little.

Three Days in London


Walking around London is like walking around in a dream. Every corner brings a brand new landmark that you’ve been dreaming of seeing for your whole life. We would have loved to delve into more of London’s quirky neighborhoods, but with only three days we stuck to all the main landmarks.


I have a poster of Tower Bridge with the lights of the city around it, and it could not be any more beautiful. No matter what time of day, this bridge is glorious – one of the most iconic views in the city.

My bratty self was quite petulant about visiting the British Museum and a few other historical sites, but I was SO excited about the Tower of London. I’ve always loved learning about the British Monarchy – to the point that my sister and I memorized a poem with the names of all the Monarchs since William the Conqueror – which I think I still remember.


You’d think the disturbing things that have happened at the Tower of London would have upset sensitive little me, but I was fascinated. I look starstruck in the picture above, which is a bit sad.

The London Eye was absolutely breathtaking. My mom’s fear of heights forced her to stay on the ground, but the rest of us went up this rather expensive Ferris wheel and definitely got our money’s worth. Even if you’re on a budget, this is something you can’t miss. I hear the Shard has equally epic views – can’t wait to test it out when I someday get back to London.


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This next photo is, in my opinion, one of the best my dad has ever taken. The combination of the double decker buses, lion statue, and Big Ben towering in the background immediately evoke a certain feeling in me.


Writing this post made me feel even more nostalgic for London. As a transportation hub and the easiest European city to get to from Halifax, I’m sure I’ll be back someday (Update September 2016 – I have now been twice more!) – do you love London as much as I do?


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