Sailing the Greek Islands with MedSailors

To be honest, I was very apprehensive before I embarked on my first real tour experience, sailing the Greek islands with Medsailors. A university friend, Haley, and I wanted to explore some more off the beaten path islands, and we found this trip that seemed to tick all of the boxes.

But I’m so used to travelling solo: what if I hated everyone on our boat?! Worse, what if I hated travelling with Haley and it ruined our friendship?? What if the water scared me (long-held phobia of deep water here) and I couldn’t even enjoy the trip? What if I got seasick?

All of my fears were totally unfounded. Sure, the trip wasn’t perfect, but I was worried about the wrong things.

Off on our adventure!

I should have worried that I’d finally fall in love with the ocean and develop a totally misguided desire to get my sailing certification.

I should have worried about the cute British boy I’d meet, because what is ever going to beat a summer romance aboard a yacht in the Greek islands??

I should have worried about how quickly I’d want to sign up for a trip with MedSailors next summer in one of their other destinations (Italy, Croatia, Turkey, the Caribbean).

And most of all, I should have worried about how on earth I was going to write a blog post, because I took a grand total of two photos during our week on the boat. My phone died on the first day and I just never picked it back up – leading to the most relaxing week of all time.

Not a photo from this part of the trip. Still like it.

I may write another post with more logistical details and like, helpful information, but for my own sake I just wanted to document the highlights of the trip….and there were a lot.

Will this be interesting for anyone but me? Maybe not!!

Highlights of a Week Sailing Greece

  • Waking up in the morning and jumping directly into the ocean, feeling 0% of my customary terror despite the unknown depth of the water. The hangovers on this trip would have been approximately 10,000% worse if we didn’t have the ocean to cure our ails.
  • The endless naps in endless locations on our yacht, feeling the September sun beating down on me as I dozed. There is literally no better feeling. Did everyone on my boat make fun of me for napping so much? Yes. Still worth it.

  • Sitting on the back of an ATV as we circumnavigated the island of Spetses, feeling the hot wind and staring at the islands in the distance: drenched in heat-haze, I wondered what they were called and if they were all this beautiful.
  • Watching the moon rise while moored in the harbor at Epidavros, unable to remember if I had ever actually watched the moon for this long before.

  • The club we went to in Agistri on the last night of the trip: it had this slow strobe goin’ on that just made you feel like the greatest dancer on earth, and everybody on all ten boats was the best of friends at this point: it’ll be hard for any future partying to top this wild night.
  • Sitting on our boat late one evening, missing a group event to talk about horoscopes and analyze eachothers’ innermost feelings. Turns out I need to date an earth sign, someone who will ground me. Who knew!!
  • Playing drinking games late into the night with our boat and the British boys we had met, watching the stars and laughing with these people from all around the world who we already had an amazing amount of inside jokes with.

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