Giveaway: My Top Travel Essential!

On my recent trip to China, there was one thing I took along that I loved way more than I expected. I now fervently recommend this product to anyone and everyone – a reaction that seems a bit extreme for something as mundane as shampoo and conditioner.

I first saw Lush’s solid shampoo and conditioner on Alex in Wanderland, one of my favourite travel blogs. Alex had an equally ridiculous reaction to these lifechanging products, and her reasons for making the switch totally won me over! I hate lugging around giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and my mega-thick hair requires approximately 10 bottles of conditioner per week. (Definitely not an exaggeration). I have also never been on a trip where my shampoo and/or conditioner didn’t explode, coating everything in my cosmetics bag in gooey cream. I’ve also been refocusing on living in a more sustainable way: what better way to start than by cutting out an excess of shampoo and conditioner bottles! Lush itself is an amazing company that I never hesitate to support, so I raced to my local Lush.

My one worry was whether or not these would actually work – my hair is an utter mess if I don’t use nice conditioner. I sure didn’t want to spend ten dollars each on these products if it was just going to mean that I looked like crap in all of my once-in-a-lifetime photos. I decided that if I was so excited about the possibility of them working, it was worth a shot to see if they lived up to their promise! And let me tell you, they did.

The shampoo is just as incredible as promised. You rub it on your head once or twice and it fully lathers up – it works just as well as any shampoo I’ve ever tried! I was a bit more skeptical about the conditioner, since Alex didn’t like it and said a lot of people seemed to agree. While it doesn’t make my hair gorgeously luscious, it works well enough for me, and I had no complaints! Each product is supposed to last for 80-100 washes, which is super impressive. The tins are also super convenient, since once you buy one you can keep it forever and ever. Oddly, my conditioner’s tin is harder to open than my shampoo’s, but I mastered the art after a little while.

One lucky winner of this giveaway will be receiving the same products I own and love – my top travel essential – courtesy of Lush! I reached out to the company to see if they’d like to work with me for this giveaway, and to my shock they said yes within 2 days: yet another reason to love this fantastic company!

First, the Karma Komba Shampoo is described as follows:

“Start your day with good Karma and great hair by washing with our hippy solid shampoo bar. It gently cleans your hair and scents your locks with our signature Karma fragrance. In addition to the groovy mood it leaves you in, essential oils of orange, pine, and patchouli keep your scalp soothed and toned. For those who suffer from knotty hair, the oils in Karma have a beneficial side effect of smoothing hair, allowing you to brush through it without pulling your hair out. Considering that our solid shampoo bars last longer that most relationships, this is very good Karma indeed. Lather up!”

The Jungle Conditioner smells absolutely delectable. You can also use it as a shaving cream: cutting one more botle out of your backpack!

“Tame your mane with our solid fruity conditioner filled with an abundance of fresh fruit and conditioning cocoa butter. LUSH co-founder and inventor Helen Ambrosen was the first person to make a solid conditioner work. She discovered that cocoa butter will slide onto your hair to make it softer, and then dissolve in water to leave it smooth, shiny and de-tangled. Jungle feels rich and hydrating on the hair and leaves you with a fresh, fruity fragrance after washing it off.”

Giveaway closed

Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to my readers in the US and Canada – I’ll get you next time, international readers! Good luck, and let me know if you’ve ever tried solid shampoo! Any other green, travel-friendly product recommendations for me?

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