My Round the World Itinerary

I love writing these planning posts so that after I actually go on my trip, I can look back and see whether everything went according to plan (spoiler alert, it never does). Without further ado here is more detail on where I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing!

Hawaii (6 nights)

I am still trying to convince SOMEONE to come to Hawaii with me. I still don’t have my driver’s license (I know, it’s embarrassing) so if someone comes along, they can drive me (us) to more off the beaten path places. However, via a one night stop in Vancouver, I will be on Oahu for six nights. I’m staying on the gorgeous North Shore and hiking/snorkelling for four nights and then in Waikiki (more hiking) for two nights. Fingers crossed I can figure out how to do Oahu on the cheap!

Me and my sister on Waikiki beach in 1999!

Australia (10 nights)

I lived in Australia for a year when I was three, and have been wanting to return ever since. When I learned you could fly direct from Honolulu to Sydney for $220 I snapped up the deal. I have friends in Sydney, so I’ll be staying with them – with day trips to a few places, and some of the coastal walks on the agenda. Then I’m crashing my friend Kate’s family road trip to see Melbourne over Easter weekend! They’ve got a gorgeous Airbnb booked and I’m so grateful they invited me.

20 years later I’m finally going back!

Bali (9 nights)

I almost feel like I have been to Bali, with the amount of Instagram pictures I see. I’ve booked a full ten days, and I plan to just show up and see where the wind takes me. I know I want to stay in Seminyak, Uluwatu, and Ubud – and maybe hop over to the Gili islands if I have time. Any Bali hostel recommendations? Otherwise, I’m going to gorge myself on the delicious vegan food and see all the waterfalls and beaches I possibly can!

Definitely going here! Sourced from Creative Commons

Singapore (2 nights)

I could have spent 3 hours in Singapore, but I chose to spend 2 nights instead. This is pretty much just because I want to see the Gardens by the Bay. Also, the hostel I’ve booked has a free scooter tour which is awesome. I can’t wait to see Southeast Asia for the first time – a nice preview of what I’m sure will be a long future trip!

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore – sourced from Creative Commons

India (6 weeks)

Ask me how excited my parents are that I’m backpacking India solo for six weeks! The answer is that they are not excited at all. But I am thrilled!! I fly into Amritsar, home of the amazing Golden Temple and then I’m planning to brave Rajasthan in the heat so I can see the Taj Mahal and some cities like Jaipur, Udaipur and Pushkar. Varanasi is also really high on my list. I know it’s the hottest time of year so if it’s unbearable I’ll just head up to the Himalayas. I fly out of the south so near the end of my trip I’l hop down to Kerala or Goa. I don’t plan on booking anything in advance and I seriously can’t wait for this part of the trip. I know India is going to be challenging but I also think it’s going to be life changing.

Varanasi, India – sourced from Creative Commons

Greece (12 nights)

Two summers ago my friend Haley and I spent a week on a yacht, sailing around the Greek Islands, and I have literally not stopped thinking about it since. So we are going back for more! Medsailors has two routes in Greece – last year we sailed the Saronic Gulf and this year we are sailing the Ionian coast, starting in Corfu. Before that I’ll meet my parents in Athens for 2 nights in an Airbnb with views of the Acropolis. I cannot WAIT for a week of total relaxation on a boat in the middle of my adventure.

The Balkans (1 month)

Haley has opted to join me for this portion of the trip as well and I am so excited! We are going to backpack our way through the Balkans, from Corfu to Istanbul. The plan is to go via Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria, but we don’t plan to book anything in advance. Haley’s birthday is near the end of this portion and I think we’ll aim to be in Belgrade, where apparently the clubs are awesome.

Did you know the coast of Albania looked like this? Sourced from Creative Commons

Turkey (3 nights)

I have been wanting to return to Istanbul for four years and it is finally happening!!! Honestly I am the most excited that I will be reunited with the adorable golden retriever that lives at Cheers Hostel, because that is obviously where we are staying. I can’t wait to show Haley one of my favourite cities in the world!

Middle East (3 weeks)

Haley leaves me here and then I fly to one of the regions of the world I’ve most overlooked in my travels. The Middle East! I’m planning to hit the highlights of Israel, Jordan and Egypt in this time and I’m excited to see what it’s like to backpack here as a solo female. Top three things I’m looking forward to: wandering around Jerusalem at sunrise, exploring Petra in Jordan, and riding a felucca down the Nile.

Petra, Jordan – sourced from Creative Commons

Ireland (1 night)

Ireland is a place I’m saving for when I can drive (or someone else comes, lol). However, Dublin I can do! So I’m doing a night in the city on my way home. It’s going to be super quick, but it never hurts to get a taste for a city before a future visit.

Busy day at Temple Bar – sourced from Creative Commons

And that’s a wrap! I can’t wait to see what goes wrong on this trip, and to see all of these amazing places. 

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