My Europe Itinerary

Earlier this winter I announced my next adventure: I’ll be working as an au pair in Italy this summer! I’ll be working for three months, which gives me almost a month and a half to travel before I move in with the family. I spent the weekend booking flights and planning my trip, and I wanted to share where I’ll be going: here’s my Europe itinerary.

I’m taking advantage of every possible day: I have an exam in the morning and I have a one-way flight to London booked that very night. My sister is travelling with me for 2 weeks and has to be home on a certain day, so I wanted to leave as early as possible for her benefit – but let’s be honest, I probably would have anyway.


We’ve been to London, but it’s the cheapest place for us to fly into and I’m certainly not complaining about revisiting this amazing city! We only have one full day here, but we’d love to revisit some of the places we loved so much the first time around.


It didn’t seem like we were going to be able to fit Paris into our plans, but I hunted until I found a deal that made it possible. We would love to spend forever exploring Paris, but we only have 2 days – just enough to get a feel for the city and make us want to return as soon as possible, I’m sure! I want to eat all the pastries, see the Eiffel tower (duh) and just wander the unbelievably charming streets.


I’m impossibly excited about this. Our flights from Paris to Istanbul with Air France were rather expensive at almost $200 each, but it’s worth it to us. Istanbul seems so incredibly exotic while still having a European feel! The Spice Market, Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia…I’m getting chills just picturing us walking through Istanbul. We already booked our hostel because we’re apparently there during Anzac Day, which is huge in Turkey – you learn something new every day! The Cheers Hostel has an incredible view from their rooftop bar and they arranged airport pickup for us, which is great since we arrive super late.


To be honest, we’re going to Budapest because it was the only real budget flight we could find from Istanbul. I’ve always wanted to go here, but it was never at the top of my list. Now that I’ve been researching a bit, it’s jumped its way up there, which works out well since we’re going. I still can’t get the pronounciation right…I will have to remember that it’s said Budapesht before we go!

Lloret de Mar

After Budapest, my sister flies off to Rome – I’m pumped that she’ll be able to give me tips before I visit sometime during my stay in Italy. I’m headed to TBEX, which is a travel blogging conference in Lloret de Mar (in the Costa Brava region of Spain!) I’m rooming with another travel blogger at an adorable family-run hotel and I can’t wait to attend my first industry conference! I really haven’t done much research on this area of the country but it looks beautiful!


My sister’s last stop is Barcelona, where we’ll meet back up and spend about 2 days. I need to do some research on the city, but from what I know the architecture is incredible and everybody loves it! We’ll also be meeting up with my friend Erika here, who is working as an au pair this summer as well.

The view from Parc Guell – photo courtesy of Gallivanting Bean


Once Anna flies back to Toronto, Erika and I fly to Porto, Portugal! Our plan is to spend a day and a half in Porto, then base ourselves out of Lisbon to see Sintra and maybe Obidos. Erika only has four days here, so I plan to make my way down to Algarve and Faro after she leaves, on the way to my next (very exciting) destination!


After Portugal, I have around a month to spend in the country at the TOP of my bucket list – Morocco!! I tend to be a very OCD traveler, booking everything in advance, but I feel like I should experiment with a more carefree style, and that’s what I’m going to do here. All I have booked is a flight to Milan to start my au pair job on June 8th, giving me a month to make my way through southern Portugal, southern Spain, and Morocco. There are so many places in this country I want to see: Essaouira, Chefchaouen, Fez, Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, the Atlas Mountains…..I’ll spend the entire month wandering the country, camping in the Sahara desert, and working on my French. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?


  1. Chloe Logan says

    AHHH can’t wait for Lloret de Mar! And so envious you get to go to southern Morocco–you’ll see the goats in trees in the argan trees that line the route between Agadir and Essaouira. 🙂

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    • bethanydickey says

      That sounds adorable hahaha I can’t wait!! We’ll have to talk tons about Morocco while we’re together!

  2. Claire (@Kurea_San) says

    Great itinerary – you have quite a mix of destinations in there. Istanbul is totally awesome – just make sure you head over to the new town where there’s an awesome cafe/shopping scene as well as seeing the main sights. Budapest is also pretty cool – and it’s the perfect thermal spa season. Enjoy!
    Claire xx

    • bethanydickey says

      It seems like an incredible city – I’ve been poring over the Lonely Planet section! Thanks so much!

  3. Elisa says

    Hi Bethany!! i found your blog thanks to your interview with
    I think i’m gonna read all your blog in this days!!
    Your European itinerary is great!! If you need some tips for Paris,London or Barcelona (or Italy too, for sure!) let me know 🙂 Unfortunately i’ve never been to Marocco, Budapest adn Istanbul yet!
    Where do u come to do you au pair experience?

    • bethanydickey says

      Hi Elisa!! Thank you so much for commenting – I’m so glad you found my blog through that interview, I had so much fun doing it! That sounds awesome, I will reach out if I have any questions! I will be in Pavia for June and Trieste for July and August 🙂

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