I’m Back: Post Travel Blues, Toronto, and Future Exploration

Five weeks ago, I was standing on top of the place Hitler died.

Six weeks ago, I was arriving on the Zanzibar beach about to try scuba diving.


Seven weeks, I was riding down the Tanzanian highway in a rickshaw, hot and disoriented and blissful.

Eight weeks – dancing in a Turkish bar after basically hitchhiking (they weren’t strangers mom, it’s okay) back to town with a fast friend from Oregon.


Nine weeks and I was gliding down Salzburg’s streets on a bike, singing my heart out to the Sound of Music soundtrack.

Ten weeks: somewhere on the Parisian streets.

Eleven – I was about to hike Pulpit Rock in Norway, an experience that would literally change the way I thought of the world.


Twelve weeks: I had just hiked Ben Vrackie in Scotland, through hail, rain, and insane winds, and I had never been so proud of myself.

Exactly one month ago, I returned from a trip that took me to three continents and eleven countries, exhausted and happy.

This trip may have been even better than last summer’s adventure – although it was half as long, I packed in twice as much. A month later, life is a little different – I have a 45 minute commute to my new full time job on blistering hot subway cars, I have no idea what I’m doing at my job, and I come home at night to my swanky one bedroom apartment.

Even though I was only gone for two months, it felt like a lifetime, and now that I’m back it’s hard to believe how different life can become, so quickly. I’ve gone from easily making friends in countless cities to having no friends in my city. From sleeping in a hostel dorm with 10 other people every night to sleeping alone with more room than I need. From waking up to a completely new experience and living my dreams every day to following the same routine every day, wasting my weekends with exhaustion.

It’s not all bad – of course – my amazing friends from university have been visiting me and we’ve been exploring together; my coworkers are incredibly friendly and helpful, and I even got to go on a business trip to Boston on my second week on the job. This life isn’t bad, it’s just different. Acclimatizing myself to living on somebody else’s schedule is hard after doing literally anything I wanted for two months straight.

You’ll notice I haven’t blogged since March – oops. From March to May, I was just too ‘busy’ making my last semester of university as fun as it could be, and I totally succeeded. I may have attended several parties and had several hangovers. I also may have skipped a few classes. Then, I was on my trip with just my phone, and I tried to put that away as much as possible. Now that I’m back and settling in to my new life, I am excited to get back into sharing my adventures, and as usual I have lots of shenanigans and stupidity to share from my time on the road.

And now that I’m living in Toronto, there’s lots to share about this incredibly diverse and beautiful city: once I start exploring, that is. I’ll also be down to Boston a decent amount for work, which is really exciting – my first trip gave me the chance to buy a Harvard baseball cap and wander around campus being mistaken for a student, which is obviously bucket list worthy. And stay tuned to find out how I turn 3 weeks of vacation into sufficient travel time….first up, I’m looking at a trip to Japan and Hong Kong around my birthday in November!



  1. Camila @ AdventitiousViolet says

    Go you! This is all fantastic – your trip looked amazing and I look forward to hear more about it and it gets boring to have a job and stuff, but hopefully you can also do long weekend trips and such. The need to want to go away will never end 🙂


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