TBT: New Zealand

To be quite honest, if there wasn’t picture evidence of this trip, and if my parents hadn’t told me we went, I would have no idea that I had ever been to New Zealand. I’ve talked briefly about how we lived in Australia for a year when I was three and four, but on our way home we did a classic New Zealand road trip for two weeks. We hit all the classic sites from Rotarua to Auckland, and even with a crappy film camera over 15 years ago, my dad’s photographic talent shines through in the pictures he captured. I spent a lovely afternoon procrastinating from studying for exams and poring over our photo album, scanning in my favourites to share here.

New Zealand is one of the world’s coolest places – the fascination with this corner of the world, in my opinion, comes from both the intriguing remoteness of the country and its unbelievable natural beauty. Yes, I’ve technically already been here, but it was so long ago that I absolutely need to return with the perspective of a fully formed brain and with the ability to actually understand where I am and what’s happening. In the first few years after I graduate one of my hopes is to move to Australia for a year on a Working Holiday Visa and make my way over to NZ while I’m there – perhaps to recreate this amazing road trip.

(Pictures returning soon!)