TBT: Saint Lucia

My parents took me and my sister on so many amazing trips when I was growing up. I’ve shared posts about a few of them (England, Newfoundland, Antigua, Quebec City), but I’m home right now, and looking through all of our photo albums made me realize how much I haven’t shared! In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I’ll be sharing memories and photos from some of my favourite trips: look out for Australia, New Zealand, and lots of Canadian travel! My dad took all the pictures in this post and likely the others: I’m so glad he documented all this for us!

I do recognize that today is not Thursday, and I should therefore not be posting a “Throwback Thursday” post. However, it is exam time which means I never know what day of the week it is: so, happy Throwback Saturday. Saint Lucia was the first Caribbean island we visited, and clearly we loved it so much that we kept going back to explore other corners of this gorgeous area.

Looking through the pictures of this trip made me realize just how little I actually remember: which makes it a bit hard to write about the places we went and the things we saw. However, I will try my very best.

It might seem like all of the Caribbean islands are similar, and that if you find one you like it just makes sense to keep going back. Although we visited Antigua twice, we prefer to try new islands because they’re all so different once you are actually there. St. Lucia distinguishes itself with a practically perfect blend of four things: nature, history, beaches, and culture.


I have totally become a nature person despite much moaning on forced camping trips as a child. When we visit a Caribbean island, we don’t just want to relax on the beach – we want a more diverse island that we can explore. St. Lucia has the Pitons, sugarcane fields, a drive-in volcano: what more could you want?

dsc03933 dsc04059 dsc04080 dsc04151


Like many Caribbean islands, Europeans had a huge impact on the history of these islands. Even I, with my short attention span (which was even shorter then) was fascinated by the history on Pigeon Point.

dsc03963 dsc04005


It’s not really a Caribbean island without unreal beaches, now is it? St. Lucia might not have 365 beaches, which is Antigua’s claim to fame, but it certainly has its fair share of sunbathing space.

dsc04053 dsc04139


We loved wandering around Soufriere and getting an idea of how locals lived. We also arranged a driver for certain days on our visit. Her name was Lori, and she is one of my clearest memories from the trip: she took us to special local spots, found me the best ice-cream, and was possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met. She made our visit special and was really an awesome way to get an insight into life on Saint Lucia.

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