Carryon Packing Tips

Packing only in a carryon isn’t always necessary, but if you want to be very mobile during your
trip without too many bags, it can be a great option!! Here are my top tips.

Packing Cubes
I think these are an absolute essential. You can get them on Amazon or any store like Walmart,
Canadian Tire, etc. They allow you to organize everything and when you zip them closed, you
would be surprised how much stuff you can fit in there. Highly, highly recommend!

Mix and Match
When packing, make sure that all (or almost all) of your tops and bottoms go together. If you
bring several different blue tops, for example, they would go in the same color palette, rather
than bringing all kinds of colours and limiting which tops and which bottoms can be worn

Think about what fabrics you are bringing! Especially on a long trip, bring fabrics that dry quickly
like cotton, merino wool, etc. Try to bring clothes that aren’t prone to wrinkling, but Downy
Wrinkle Release comes in a travel size spray and truly works miracles.

Shoes absolutely take up the most room. Depending where I’m going and what I’m doing, I try
to limit myself to 2-3 pairs: one comfortable, sensible sneaker/hiking boot which I will wear on
the plane, and one pair of sandals that could be dressy or casual. If I have fancy stuff on the trip
I will bring a pair of heels, don’t deprive yourself if you love to dress up! The principle is just to
think about shoes that go with all your outfits.

The bane of a carry-on bag! You are limited to 1L of liquids, less than 100ML each. Buy things
like sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner when you get there if you are going over on liquids. Get
travel-size of your absolute essentials like skincare! Toiletries are available everywhere.

Personal Item
Maximise your space by using a school-size backpack as a personal item, rather than a purse!
You can fit lots of essentials in here and then your carryon has more room for your clothes and

Last tip – make sure you leave a little room for souvenirs or shopping 🙂

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