Best of 2018

What a year! I spent 4 months living in Toronto crying a lot, and then 8 months back at home in Nova Scotia getting my life together quite successfully. I didn’t go on as many trips as usual, but I still made it to Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Amsterdam, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic – in addition to lots of trips around my beautiful province of Nova Scotia and jaunts back to Toronto!

Taking the train from Toronto to Halifax

When I moved home in May, I decided to take the train instead of flying because I had TONS of bags (free on the train) and it actually worked out cheaper because of my travel agent discount. I also really love trains, so it was a win win. I had my own private cabin, got to sleep to the lovely backdrop of train noise, AND all my meals were included! I read multiple books, journalled the hours away, and just had the best time. Also, I carried my giant teddy bear around multiple train stations and got a lot of weird looks.

The 27 Waterfalls in the Dominican

Creative Commons photo

I just got back from a lovely family trip to the Dominican Republic for Christmas. My parents and I flew down from Nova Scotia and my sister and her fiance came from Winnipeg and we spent about 5 days together in Puerto Plata! The whole thing was amazing but the highlight was definitely a day trip to the waterfalls in Damajagua. Blog post to come but we spent a couple hours jumping and sliding off waterfalls up to 24 feet high, and it was SO fun. If you want some adventure and you’re in Puerto Plata, take a cab here instead of a tour to save money!

Living the luxury life in Jamaica

Jamaica was freakin’ awesome. I went for a work trip, so I paid basically pennies for 7 nights in 5 star all inclusive resorts. Sandals was hosting, so we visited every single Sandals and Beaches resort around the country and stayed at three of them! It was honestly exhausting, but the other women on the trip were so lovely and fun and the setting was beautiful. I still wouldn’t choose an all inclusive resort for my own vacation but I certainly see the appeal now!

A return visit to Budapest

Budapest – still my favourite city in Europe! This is one of the few trips I actually blogged about this year, but it was great. Alex and I were here for 3 nights at the cutest hostel ever, and I could have stayed for a week. One of the few cities where I never get bored!

One of my wildest birthdays yet

Very descriptive of our night

I LOVE celebrating my birthday abroad. This year I booked a super short trip to Europe (before I had asked for the vacation time) and spent 3 nights in Amsterdam with 3 of my friends from university. I think in the 5 nights around this trip I slept a total of 12 hours, but it was an absolute blast. We went to a club called Claire – I think – and partied until 7AM. So, so much fun.

A random night in Copenhagen

Now if you know me at all, you know that I couldn’t fly all the way to Europe and JUST go to Amsterdam, especially since I was there a few years ago. So I threw in a night in Copenhagen! I took the overnight bus from Amsterdam (saving money AND time) which was literally the best sleep of the whole week. A friend from England met me in Copenhagen and we packed in all the highlights before I depressed-ly flew back to Canada the next day. I want to go back and see Tivoli! Also….Danish boys tho.

Weekends at my family cottage

Ah, the cottage. I truly hated being dragged somewhere without internet or running water as a teenager, but now it is one of my favourite places. I went a couple times with my parents and once with my friend. I especially loved showing my best friend all my favourite spots nearby (aka the prettiest beach in the world) and visiting all the cool new breweries and local shops nearby!

Falling back in love with Toronto

Toronto and I had a very complicated relationship when I moved in May. I’ve been back four times since, once for work and the other times on extended layovers before an international flight. It’s so nice to know my way around the city whenever I return, and have SO many friends to reconnect with (and to sleep on their couches). When I was back for 3 days last week I went to all of my favourite vegan restaurants, revisited some of my old haunts and hung out with as many of my friends as I could. It’s nice to be back in love with Toronto.

Hiking Cape Split and finding a secret beach

One of the best days of the whole summer was my family’s day trip up to hike Cape Split! I had done this hike as an ungrateful kid, but as an adult it was beautiful and worth the trek. We also did a little side trip down a debatably official trail and found this amazing beach!

A weekend on Prince Edward Island

On Labour Day weekend I dragged my hungover self into a rideshare to visit my friend Haley on Prince Edward Island. We fit in lots of alcohol, lots of beach time, and lots of gossip. The more I travel around Eastern Canada the more I love it!

Finally getting back to Cape Breton

I have been begging my parents to do a family road trip up to Cape Breton for YEARS. This is partially because I like travelling with my parents and partially because I don’t have a car or a license and therefore need someone to take me. Anyway, we finally went and my mind was blown. I cried in the car multiple times because I was so taken aback by the beauty we were driving past!! Seriously, Cape Breton will blow your mind. And the 0 degree camping temperatures couldn’t take away from the magic!

And that was my 2018 – not necessarily in order! Hoping for more continents, fewer tears (lol) and many more fun adventures in 2019!


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