Be a Girl Who Travels

When I think of a successful and powerful woman, I think of someone who’s independent, confident, and smart. Sound good to you? Me too. As a solo female traveler, I firmly believe that nothing can change a woman’s life more than travel. When you embark on an adventure all by yourself, you will come back changed – on the road to being successful, powerful, and everything you’ve ever wanted to be. Going to China alone changed my perspective on life and I could not be more grateful for that experience. My next solo trip was just last month to Belgium and Prague, and everything went wrong. I came home knowing that I could conquer ANYTHING the world threw at me, and far from being scared to go abroad alone again, I’m excitedly planning my European adventures this summer.


Be a girl who travels. You’ll learn that you don’t need anyone’s help to make your way through a totally foreign city where you can’t find anyone who speaks English. You can get through being sick, breaking your phone, losing your map, getting unbelievably lost, crying in a cab in China. When you get home, you’ll notice that you don’t want to ask for help so much, because you know you can do it. Let travel show you that if you want something, you can get it – all on your own.


Be a girl who travels. If you can walk up to that cute guy in a hostel, not even knowing if he speaks English, and ask what him and his friends are doing that day, you can do that presentation at school. If you can convince an airline agent to give you a free hotel room that you don’t really deserve, you can tell your boss that you want a raise. If you can walk around the back streets of a foreign city, exploring the world after dark, and you feel no fear – you can do anything, and you can do it with confidence.


Be a girl who travels. The people you meet, the things you see….you’ll see the world in a new way. Travelling teaches you more than a day in the classroom ever could. I might miss class to travel, but when I spend a day walking through Prague Castle and learning about the history of Czech Republic, and then I spend the evening talking to a guy from Iceland and learning about his country, I sure don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. Smarts don’t mean you have a 4.0 (and even that is a sign that I’ve learned so much). Being smart means you know what you want, and you know about the world, and you know things. Some of those things are best learned through travel.


The feeling I get when I’m exploring a new city is like nothing else. I’m happy in a different way than I’m happy at home, and as corny as it sounds, travel makes me feel alive. When I flip back through my travel journal, every entry raves about the amazing things I’ve seen and done and you can just hear how overjoyed I am with my life at that moment. Meeting new people, trying new things, and seeing new places – those are the reasons you should be a girl who travels. Travelling makes me feel independent, confident and smart – and it can do the same for you.


    • bethanydickey says

      It’s absolutely amazing – I think everyone should do it! Let me know if you ever need any planning help 🙂

  1. Mayra says

    Hi Bethany,

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying your blog since I discovered it some weeks ago. Last year I made my foray into solo travelling by backpacking Europe for two months. Best two months of my life! You do discover exactly what you are made of and what your are capable of. And the feeling you describe of exploring a new city just can’t be beat! I’m going to New York this year and I have been reading your posts to get some ideas 🙂 I definitely look forward to reading about your future adventures!

    Your fellow Nova Scotian,


    • bethanydickey says

      Hi Mayra!

      Thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot. I’m so glad you enjoy my posts – let me know if you need any advice or tips for NYC!!


  2. Chloe Logan says

    Totally agree! I just had my first solo travel experience two weeks ago actually in Berlin. Ashliegh and I met up for a day and a half, but we stayed at different hostels and I stayed longer. Next up is Seville! (Well, going with friends who leave before me. Still counts.)

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  3. Camila @ Adventitious Violet says

    Oh it’s been so long since I stopped on your blog – I’m loving it very very much! Great post – you seem to have learned a lot indeed travelling solo for the past month! It’s crazy how that changes you – for me it was moving abroad that changed me completely (but that said it’s because I never travelled solo for more than a couple days in Europe. You’re amazing me and I’m glad I’m following along in your adventures 🙂

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