Arrivederci Canada!

After months of planning and counting down, today is the day that I take off on my greatest adventure yet. If you’ve been following along at all, you’ll probably know (at least vaguely) my plans since I won’t shut up about them, and if I know you in real life then I’m certain you’ve been subjected to my raving excitement. I wrote my last exam of my third year of university this morning, hopped in the car and drove home to Dartmouth for last minute packing and panicking – and in a few hours we’ll be off to the airport. To recap, I’ll be travelling for around 2 weeks with my sister (London, Paris, Istanbul, Budapest, Barcelona, Costa Brava) then another week with my friend Erika (Lisbon and Porto). Once she leaves, I’m a solo traveller once again in Lagos and Seville, and then I’m spending a totally open-ended month in Morocco.

Possibly the greatest feat of my life so far (I hope I’m exaggerating) has been fitting almost five months worth of stuff into a carry-on size backpack: it remains to be seen how effective a job I did, but I feel quite pleased with the amount of stuff I was able to cram in.  Seriously, you would not believe what packing cubes can do for you – look out for tomorrow’s post all about what I’m taking and how I made it all work. I’m prepared for beach days in Portugal, staying modest in Morocco, frolicking the Italian countryside, and much more. In honor of my departure, today I thought I’d share the ten things I’m most excited for this summer…and believe me, this list was almost impossible to pare down.

1. Climbing the Erg Chebbi dunes in Morocco

2. Gliding down the Danube on a river cruise in Budapest

3. Seeing the Lion King in the West End of London

4. City Wonders Evening Eiffel Tower and VIP Champagne Seine Cruise in Paris

5. Getting to know the Italian family I’m au pairing for

6. Trekking the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

7. Hiking Cinque Terre with my parents

8. Experiencing the medieval beauty of Seville

9. Pretending I’m a princess in Sintra, Portugal

10. Admiring intricate mosques in Istanbul, Turkey

I’ll obviously be blogging on the road, hopefully without much delay as I travel. I’ve also been given a SIM card from MTX Connect that I can use with data all across Europe so rest assured I will be blowing up your Instagram – I know you were worried. I can’t wait to share (and experience) some crazy adventures and I hope you follow along and see what ridiculous situations I get myself into on this trip! Let’s cross our fingers for no norovirus, less of a language barrier (although I’d love to pick up some more Spanish and some Arabic) and lots and lots of fun.

I’ll also be working on the road with my new Virtual Assistant business: my very first experience in making money while I travel! I’ve been loving working with clients so far and I’m excited to see how the business grows.

Arrivederci Canada!



  1. Emma Hart says

    That sounds like quite an adventure you have planned! Make sure you enjoy every minute of it! What is a virtual assistant job? That’s great you’re able to make money while on the road 🙂

    • bethanydickey says

      Basically I contract my services out to other bloggers (so far travel bloggers) to run their social media accounts, edit posts, etc! Frees up their time and I get paid by the hour.

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